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We Come In Peace, Shoot To Kill

Wednesday, Mar. 15, 2006 12:21 AM

We like you. We really do.

Or so Condoleezza Rice said at a news conference in Indonesia, speaking of the growing Muslim population in the United States and the admiration Americans have of a multi-religious population like Indonesia's.

"Sometimes, I think there's a lack of understanding of how much the United States respects the people of Islamic faith," Rice said

Which nonetheless fails to explain Pat Robertson's latest verbal broadside, where he denounces radical Muslims as Satanic. (A Robertson spokeswoman was quick to point out the good reverend was talking about fundamentalists, not moderates, which doesn't really help ol' Pat's cause much.)

Or the measure that came out of the Missouri Legislature that makes Christianity the majority state religion, and, well, if you don't like that, tough.

Or the fact that we keep picking Islamic states to launch wars in. Afghanistan. Iraq. Iran.

Or that our government has beat the drums of fear so much that when folks got in an uproar over the Dubai Ports World deal, they had to backpedal furiously and spin it as bigotry on the part of an uninformed populace.

When it comes to respect, Condi, Aretha sells it better.

No matter how many fumbles the Bush Administration makes, there comes a moment where the Democrats show their ineptitude, dropping the ball like a hot potato.

Such is the fate of Senator Russ Feingold's motion to censure the President over his illegal wiretap program.

The Democrats, apparently, believe the wiretap issue has turned in Bush's favor, marked by the blocking of an independent investigation and their own waffling over the necessity of signals intelligence.

In other words, because they're afraid of losing any advantage at the polls in the midterm elections, Democrats are willing to soft-pedal the fact that President Bush broke the law.

Jesus Christ and all his wacky nephews! If there were one way to substantiate Alberto Gonzales' specious argument that the Constitution and the Authorization of Force confer the necessary power, it's to show that good old fashioned lack of spinal fortitude that has served the Democrats so ably since 2000.

President Bush broke the law.

Even the necessity of signals intelligence does not excuse the President from this requirement. We're talking violations of federal law and even changing the requirements of the Fourth Amendment, and it's not enough to light a fire under Democratic asses?

Stop being Bush's goddamn co-dependents.

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Smed - 2006-03-15 19:38:24
Politics has never, nor will ever, make sense. At all.